domingo, 4 de janeiro de 2015

Interviewing David Ravendale from Beautality

"It's not something I can control. At any given moment I may be dreaming and a full song will enter my dreams, as one did a few nights ago or I'll just start humming a melody that has somehow entered my head. I sit down with my phone or a pen and paper and 20 minutes later I have a song to take to the studio to play through. Changes can happen at that point, which is welcomed; anything that improves the song. I have deeply powerful instincts and know what will work always."

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sexta-feira, 2 de janeiro de 2015

Will The Thrill - Sorry To Disappoint Ya

"They could easily pick one style and follow that road but no, along the thirteen tracks we can listen to Southern Rock, Blues, Rock, Glam, Punk and even the ballad is present. By choosing this path they have created their own identity; they could simply made a “collage” from other bands, as an alternative the band deliver old tunes with a sense of freshness in it by mixing it with a more energy, newer heavy sound. The songs vary from the catchy ones to more elaborate, killer riffs and blasting drums and a voice that is melodically strong, not diverging too much from the classics."

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