quinta-feira, 30 de abril de 2015

In.Verno - The Reasonable Choice of Insanity

"With a discography based upon a demo (“In Darkness Again...” - 2005), two compilations (“Gallaecian Metal Compilation” - 2007 and “All for none, none for all: A Tribute to Peter Steele” - 2010) and a debut album (“Realscapes” - 2009), this new work appears with a more direct and precise musical orientation. Having as main purpose the creation of a project that could combine different genders such as Gothic, Metal, Folk, Progressive, etc., the fact is that in this sophomore album the melody is not so wide-ranging yet at the same time innovative. Putting aside the Folk/Doom tunes present in the debut and following a more Gothic approach, this new work focused on a conceptual base and from that on the melodies were created."

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