Lake of Tears - By The Black Sea (AFM Records)
Pet The Preachers - The Cave and The Sunlight (Napalm Records)
But We Try It - A Twisted Sanctuary (Remedy Records)
Legacy of Cynthia - Renaissance (Self Release)
Born A Lion - III (Omnichord Records/RagingPlanet)
Mass Disorder - The Way To Our End (Self Release)
Sorrows Path - Doom Philosophy (Iron Shield Records)
Moonshade - Dream | Oblivion
Caladmor - Of Stones And Stars (EMP)
Azarok - Origo (Self Release)
Frost Legion - Death of Mankind (Self Release)
NekKralai - Kliudžiau (Self Release)
Tourniquet - Onward to Freedom (Pathogenic Records)
Will The Thrill - Sorry To Disappoint Ya (Self Release)
Projekt Nöir - Ský (Self Release)
Moonspell - Extinct (Napalm Records)
In.Verno - The Reasonble Choice of Insanity (Self Release)
Web - Everything Ends (Raising Legends)
Tales For The Unspoken - CO2 (Raising Legends)
Shrap - We Shall Arise (Power Back Productions)
Serrabulho - Star Whores (Rotten Roll Rex)
Ektomorf - Aggressor (AFM Records)
OneLegMan - Do You Really Think This World Was Made For You? (Buil2Kill Records)
Whispering Woods - Pertidus et Dea (Loud Rage Music)
Harrow - Fallow Fields (Self Release)
Wrath Sins - Contempt Over The Stormfall (Raising Legends)
Ascendor - Drive My Demons Away (Self Release)
Bellusira - The Healing (Pavement Records)
Barbarian Fist - The Whorelord Cometh (Voidcaller Records)
Fleshgod Apocalypse - King
Dark Symphonica - Immersion (Self Release)
Votum - :KTONIK: (Inner Wound Recordings)
Tragacanth - Anthology of the East (Loud Rage Music)
Cruz de Ferro - Morreremos De Pé (Self Release)
When Nothing Remains - In Memoriam (Solitude Productions)
Hyperion - Seraphical Euphony (Black Lion Productions)
Amon Amarth - Jomsviking (Metal Blade)
Sam Alone & The Gravediggers - Thougher Than Leather (People Like You Records)
Svoid - Storming Voices Of Inner Devotionment - (Sun & Moon Records)
NightMyHeaven - Across The Dark Side (Self Release)
Crematory - Monument (SPV / Steamhammer)
TheClosedCircle - Love, Shine & Die (Inverse Records)
Sunstorm - Edge Of Tomorrow (Frontiers Music srl)
Flotsam And Jetsam - Flotsam And Jetsam (AFM Records)
Defiatory - Extinct (Black Lion Productions)
Sojourner - Empires Of Ash (Avantgard Music)
Sintax - Sway For A Better Day (Self Release)
Matheus Novaes - Erudite Stoner (Self Release)
A Constant Storm - Storm Alive (Self Release)
Lethal Shöck - Evil Aggressor (Witches Brew)
Snakewine - Serpent Kings (Self Release)
Secret Sphere - One Night In Tokyo (Frontiers Records)
Eufori - Humörsvängningar (Black Lion Productions)
Tainted Nation - On The Outside (Pride & Joy Music)
Mike LePond' Silent Assassins (UDR Music)
Andi The Wicked - Freak On Frets (Self Release)
Existence Failed - Putrefaction Of The Modern Time (Self Release)
False Reality - End Of Eternity (Loud Rage Music)
Huldre - Tusmørke (Gateway Music)
Eternal Idol - The Unrevealed Secret (Frontiers Music srl)
Legacy Of Cynthia - Danse Macabre (Raising Legends)
Legacy Of Cynthia - Danse Macabre [Step by Step] (Raising Legends)
Vanha - Within The Mist Of Sorrow (Black Lion Records)
Northern Lines - The Fearmonger (Self Release)
Blame Zeus - Theory of Perception (Self Release)
Sweeping Death - Astoria (Self Release)
Sober Truth - Locust ▼ Lunatic Asylum (Self Release)
The Autist - The Coldest Sun (Self Release)
The Evil Dead - Evil Inferno (Witches Brew)
Freakings - Toxic End (Self Release)
Grimlet - Theia: Aesthetics of a Lie (Raising Legends)
In Vein - Resurrect (Raising Legends)
[In Mute] - Gea (Art Gates Records)
Kaledon - Carnagus - Emperor Of The Darkness (Sleaszy Rider Records)
Woodhawk - Beyond The Sun (Self Release)
Eli van Pike - Welcome To My Dark Side (darkSIGN-Records)
Cavemaster - Sob O Abismo Do Infinito (Fatsound Productions)
Glass Mind - Dodecaedro (Rockshots Music)
Sons Ov Omega - Reign (Black Lion Records)
The Soulscape Project - Liberation (Self Release)
Mandragora Malevola - Awakening The Impvre (Self Release)
Running Death - DressAge (Punishment 18 Records)
Vulpus - Certitude (Pest Productions)
Veins - Innocence (Rockshots Music)
Shutter Down - Awake (Self Release)
Eluveitie - Evocation II: Pantheon (Nuclear Blast)
DareWolf - II-I (Self Release)
Overkhaos - Beware Of Truth (Rockshots Music)
Hell In The Club - See You In The Dark Side (Frontiers Music srl)
Incursed - Amalur (Self Release)
Tument - Overmass (Self Release)
Terra IncΩgnita - Sign With Blood (Self Release)
Cavemaster - In Memoriam (Fatsound Productions)
Funeral Baptism - The Venom Of God (Loud Rage Music)
Requiem Laus - Last Winter (Self Release)
Atrium Noctis - Aeterni (Sliptrick Records)
Forja - El Llibre dels Feyts (Self Release)
Mist Of Misery Trilogy - Absence | Shackles Of Life | Fields Of Isolation (Black Lion Productions)
Embryo - A Step Beyond Divinity (Art Gates Records)
Alea Jacta - Tales Of Void And Dependence (Art Gates Records)
The Third Grade - Of Fire And Ashes Pt.1 (Art Gates Records)
Mournkind - Unholy Black Mass Rites (Wicked Blood Records)
Impera - Weightless (Self Release)
Heyoka's Mirror - Loss of Contact With Reality (Self Release)
Wrath Sins - The Awakening (Raising Legends)
Dogma - Reditum (Self Release)
Lechery - We Are All Born Evil (Bleeding Music Records)
Aynsophar - Abysmal Secrets of Unknown (Neverheard Distro)
Julian's Lullaby - Prisoner Of Emotions (Musica Production)
Gonoreas - Minotaur (Sonic Revolution)
This Broken Machine - [Departures] (Self Release)
Terra IncΩgnita - Fragments of a Ruined Mind (Symmetric Records)
Nine O Nine - The Time Is Now (Rising Legends Records)
Hellavista Asocial Club - Robolution (Art Gates Records)
Between The Planets - Of Inner Sight (Self Release)
Meka Nism - The War Inside (Self Release)
Infinitee - The Possibilities Are Endless (Self Release)
Metalwings - For All Beyond (Self Release)
Nebelhorn - Urgewalt (Self Release)
Emerging Chaos - The Roots Of Lunacy (Self Release)
Azagatel - SOL (Nekrogoat Heresy)
The Chapter - Angels & Demons (Self Release)
Sense Of Fear - As Ages Passing By (Rockshots Records)
Barros - More Humanity Please... (Rockshots Records)
Falcun - Kingdom Come (Eat Metal Records)
Onysus - Dyosun: Between Two Worlds (Self Release)
Mercic - Mercic 4 (Self Release)
Haunted Gods - Myths & Tales (Self Release)
Revenge Of The Fallen - Pareidolia (Self Release)
1914 - The Blind Leading The Blind (Redefining Darkness Records/Archaic Sound)
Sweeping Death - In Lucid (Self Release)
Darkest Horizon - Aenigmata (Self Release)
Moonshade - Sun Dethroned (Art Gates Records)
From Ashes Reborn - Existence Exiled (Self Release)
Vanha - Melancholia (Black Lion Records)
Magic Dance - New Eyes (Frontiers Music srl)
Serrabulho - Porntugal (Rotten Roll Rex)
Inner Blast - Prophecy (Self Release)
Deathtale - The Origin Of Hate (Art Gates Records)
Dark Helm - Hymnus De Antitheist (Self Release)
Lords Of Salem - Hell Over Salem (Self Release)
Aara - So Fallen Alle Tempel (Naturmacht Productions)
Voltaica - Voltaica (Self Release)
Nekhrah - Cosmic Apostasy (Self Release)
Silentvice - Letters To Death (Self Release)
Gwyn Ashton - Sonic Blues Preachers (Self Release)
Sober Truth - Psychosis (TaktArt Records)
KorrectioN - Outlaws (Self Release)
Haeredium - Ascension (Art Gates Records)
Tribulance - The Aftermath Of Lies (Self Release)
Ragnhild - Tavern Tales (Self Release)
Mind Driller - Involution (Art Gates Records)
Constantine - Aftermath (Rockshots Records)
Mercic - Mercic_5 (Self Release)
Glasya - Heaven's Demise (Pride & Joy Music)
Blame Zeus - Seethe (Rockshots Records)
Apotheus - The Far Star (Black Lion Records)
Mano De Piedra - Today's Ashes (Self Release)
Next Door To Heaven - V Ways To Accept (Sliptrick Records)
Scarleth - Vortex (Rockshots Records)
Vëlla - Coma (Raising Legends Records)
Mercadoria - Mercadoria (Self Release)
Reverent Tales - Visceral (Amazing Records)
A Constant Storm - Lava Empire (Self Release)
Kalahari - Theia (Self Release)

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