Ascendor - Drive My Demons Away

A versão em Português desta análise foi publicada em exclusivo no site da Ultraje. Podem lê-la aqui.


From Southern Europe comes a Progressive Thrash sonority whose bases are inspired by early classical bands, to which they had the right doses of heaviness and groove to compose modern songs that sound vintage.

“Drive My Demons Away”, so it’s called Maltese’s Ascendor newest work, it’s clearly an evolution regarding the debut “Becoming”. The album’s 8 tracks are mainly more mid tempo with a Progressive tune, combined with quality scales and riffs; opposing this idea we find the first track “Fear of God”, clearly more old school Speed Thrash. In just 4 years the band managed to achieve a good quality level and release 2 albums, undoubtedly point out their chosen path.

This is a work that reflects maturity and talent; it would be interesting to see how far could they go if guided by a relevant label. For now they keep on working (good) by themselves, pursuing a future that may be bright.


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