Azarok - Origo

A couple of months ago while surfing the net I came across with a sound that easily caught my attention because it combines two of the metal subgenres I enjoy the most: Black Ambient and Folk. The album I’m talking about is “Origo”, forth full length release for the one man band E. Hereticius, only member of Azarok.

With six tracks and duration of 53 minutes “Origo” combines well Black and Folk. Instead of focusing in the speed guitars and furious drums it is better balanced, mainly raw and direct yet not simpler. Even if some passages might seem a little repetitive the way he combines the calm that emanates from traditional instruments with the fury of the electric guitar and growling voice gives the album a sense of epic journey. It’s almost like an analogy for life, with ups and downs while we travel among the living… it could easily be one of those single track album.

In terms of instruments the point that really caught my attention was the use of so many Folk instruments, like classic guitar and flute. It really gave a more epic feeling to the orchestration, diverging of the most common aggressive tunes. As for the tracks, like I said before they could be merged into one big track and still the album wouldn’t lose his sense. But if I had to select one I would definitely go for the last one “Oodi” because itself it has all the aspects of the album, along with a more Thrashed riff I particularly enjoyed.

For those of you who wish to listen, here’s a link for the entire album in Youtube:

And if you like it, do as I did: buy it!


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