Bellusira - The Healing

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Rock is one of those musical styles that houses several sonorities, some very similar, which sometimes makes it hard to “name” them. Some bands try exploring alternative heavier routes but it’s not just a question of strong guitars, they need attitude and charisma. From my point of view that’s where Bellusira are heading.

Originating from Australia but now settled in the US, released their sophomore album (first under Pavement Records) “The Healing” on October 16th. I must confess I didn’t knew the band and had to listen to the band discography (1 EP, 2 singles and a CD) to get acquainted to their musical route and I must confess it’s pretty good. The global sonority stays the same; bearing in mind that they have been getting good reviews and compliments since they first appeared, making it possible to tour globaly and to ink a deal with PR, that’s a good sign. another novelty is the inclusion of ex Static-X guitarist, Koichi Fukuda.

Getting back to the band’ sound, it might be resumed to this: Alternative Rock that sometimes eagers to climb a little to heavier tunes; Crystal’s voice is sweet but rapidly shows rage and aggressiveness, maintaining the melody; the arrangements are a mix just like Crystal, going from sweet ballads to more pushy tracks with a twitch of Nu or Djent, where we can highlight the second voice printing out heaviness to the music. At times I get the feeling the band aims to what some call “modern metal”. Let’s wait for future releases to see which path they choose…

Until then, don’t waste more time and listen to “The Healling”. Even if you prefer heavier sonorities I do believe you’ll like this alternative.


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