Cruz de Ferro - Morreremos De Pé

A versão em Português desta análise está disponível em exclusivo na edição Nº3 da fanzine Som Do Rock, disponível aqui.


Ricardo Pombo and his Cruz de Ferro finally released their debut album titled “Morreremos de Pé”. I’am sure these things cannot be rushed so all end up well but as a fan I must confess that waiting almost 3 years (since the release of the brilliant EP “Guerreiros do Metal”) wasn’t easy. But what matters now is that he’s out and the next lines will be all about “Morreremos de Pé”.

Let me start by stating one of the reasons I like Cruz de Ferro which is because they sing in Portuguese. Not disregarding others who don’t and knowing that using English makes it (theoretically) possible to attain an international audience, the truth is they do it with courage and quality. Besides that, all the ideology and thematic present in the compositions demonstrate a patriotic feeling, giving even more meaning to this choice.

Back to the debut, lyrically speaking we cannot consider this to be an “historical” work but there are several elements present which are part of our history, culture and traditions while Lusitanos. Starting by the beautiful cover (created by Pedro Sena Lordigan) remembering Battle of Toro, where our National Hero Duarte de Almeida shows stoicism while facing the enemy, having as a sole purpose the enhancement of the Nation; or the track “Nova Aljubarrota”, example of a people that waits by D. Sebastião, followed by the messianic words of Priest António Vieira in the track “Quinto Império”. These are some examples of our identity, not forgetting the epic track “Nossa Glória” which, besides showing the people we once were, works also as a spiritual force for us to regain some of that lost energy to guide us every single day. In terms of musicality nothing to point out: straight and pure Heavy Metal with a touch of Epicness, with compositions that are at the same time simple in structure with beautiful riffs and catchy parts.

Again about Portuguese lyrics, love it or hate it this is a work to be listened by those who consider themselves descendant of Viriato. In a time where the general society subverts values I consider these to be a Patriotic album, an example of a People who aims to be what he was.


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