Ektomorf - Aggressor

Zoli Farkas is back with another breathtaking album, “Aggressor”. Considered one of the most consistent and combative bands in the scene, Ektomorf presents his most heavy, aggressive album so far.

As you all know, Zoli’s gipsy backgrounds gave him some harsh times related with racism and prejudices; it could have made him stand down and give up yet it fuelled him with a will to survive and resilience which made him the great frontman/musician he is. He uses music as a way to purge all his hatred and rage, elevating Ektomorf as one of the most energetic unstoppable groove machines on stage.

Returning to “Aggressor”, the fans can expect the usual Groovy Thrash tracks with tons of rage; in some there are samples with voices and sounds evocativ of his roots. As we can see by the name of the tracks like “I”; “Aggressor”, “You Lost” or “You’re Not For Me” Zoli continues to provoke with his head up high as well as spitting hatred all around in “Emotionless World” or “Scars”. There is also a track elusive to the Holocaust (track 4# “Holocaust”) and the collaboration of George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher from Cannibal Corpse in “Evil By Nature”, a “DeathGroove” song.

This album represents another step in the natural evolution of the band, aiming high in quality and aggressiveness. Let’s see what the future will bring for Ektomorf, for now the standards are high with this “Aggressor” certainly appearing in a “Best of the year” voting in some media, for sure.


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