Interviewing Tacit Fury

Today we’re here to talk to Dmitry Enotov, guitarist, singer and lead member of Russian Death Metal trio, Tacit Fury (TF). Been playing mostly in their home country and more recently in Ukraine, Poland and Slovakia, as a way to promote their latest album, “A Social Berserker”, the band now seeks in pursuit of fans further away. They’ve been giving interviews such as this one in countries like Germany, Russia and even Brazil; for me it’s an honor to be one of the fewest European countries to be chosen.

Davi: Hello Dmitry, thank you for choosing my blog to promote your band. Before I start making questions, please introduce the band to your new fans.

Dmitry: It's a pleasure to be in your blog. So, TF has been playing since 2010 and band members are: Dmitry "Enoth" (guitars/ vocals), Alexey "German" (bass) and Alexander "Imidazo" (drums). We have recorded 2 albums; the debut album is called "Horrors From Depth" and the last one "A Social Berserker". We have filmed 2 music videos for the songs "Streets OfRage" and "Lacerated, Strangled, Impaled" as support for the releases.

Davi: In FB’s band page you say that the band started as Doom... what made you leave that sound?

Dmitry: Yes, it did. I have played Doom/Death earlier but the band was disbanded after I have changed my location to Moscow. Later I have decided to recreate the band. I have found the drummer and we started playing. Short after we realized that we have changed the music into Death Metal.

Davi: Although TF is mainly a Death Metal band, there are certain different sonorities in it too…

Dmitry: I can say we are like audiophiles; we can listen to different music. But we prefer to listen to Metal of course. I also love Rock. My favorite bands are Pink Floyd, Ozzy, Rainbow and many others. Of course we tend to include our roots and tastes in our compositions.

Davi: Is TF your only project?

Dmitry: We all have played in other bands before TF and 2 of us are involved into side projects. For example, I also play Black Metal J.

Davi: What do you talk about in your music? Are you the only one writing or the other members have a chance to participate?

Dmitry: "A Social Berserker" is a conceptual album. All our lyrics in it are about people with mental disorders in a hypertrophied form. We invent stories that could actually be real. When I’m composing our music I prefer to show my ideas, guitar riffs or concepts to my band mates. Then we all do a first version of a song and, after a few rehearsals, we finalize it and also add a few improvements.

Davi: You first did a cover for Sepultura's "Territory" and now we can listen to another one for Metallica's "Creeping Death". Will that become like a "trademark" for TC, a cover song in each release?

Dmitry: I think it is too early to talk about any trademarks. We have one main rule: we do that we want to do! It means we play music that we want to play without any fashion trends. That also applies to covers. Maybe we’ll have 2-3 covers on the next album or none. "Have seen life and will see" like Russians says.

Davi: Another question, a more political one: how is it, to be a metal band in Russia?

Dmitry: I have spoken with a lot of guys from other bands and I’m forced to say that Russian bands all have the same problems. But due to the last events that happened in the Ukraine and also how mass media writes about some people, it shows their negative reaction to all Russians and Russian bands. And it's awful because they do not know what really happens. Nobody knows all the truth. But they didn’t write about meetings in support of Ukraine, they did not see how the police have arrested a lot of people just for their presence on meetings. They did not see anything that happened here but they decided that all people are bad here. I'm out of politics but it's sad to hear. People should know more of what’s happening...

Davi: Well Dmitry, let me thank you again for your time. Time to end our interview so let’s do it as we started. What message do you want to leave for your fans (and others) reading this?

Dmitry: As I always say: listen to good music guys, and listen to TF \m/

I hope this will make know more about TF and their music. Check out some links below.

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