In.Verno - The Reasonable Choice of Insanity

Hello all, I’m here today to talk about the Spanish band In.Verno. Presenting themselves as a Melodic Dark Metal band, as soon as we start listening to the first tracks of their new album “The Reasonable Choice of Insanity” we realize there are influences of other female front-end bands like Lacuna Coil, Anathema, Evanescence and others. With this, I don’t intent to say this band is a copy of those, I’m just trying to establish a line of thinking so you can have a better notion of In.Verno’ sonority. Not least because using just these three bands is somewhat shallow; apart from the obvious Gothic and Metal elements we also have Progressive in music writing and, in some cases, a bit of Electro and a more up-tempo beat, almost giving the sensation it’s turning into an Electro Goth beat.

With a discography based upon a demo (“In Darkness Again...” - 2005), two compilations (“Gallaecian Metal Compilation” - 2007 and “All for none, none for all: A Tribute to Peter Steele” - 2010) and a debut album (“Realscapes” - 2009), this new work appears with a more direct and precise musical orientation. Having as main purpose the creation of a project that could combine different genders such as Gothic, Metal, Folk, Progressive, etc., the fact is that in this sophomore album the melody is not so wide-ranging yet at the same time innovative. Putting aside the Folk/Doom tunes present in the debut and following a more Gothic approach, this new work focused on a conceptual base and from that on the melodies were created. Using what they called “dualities”, they’ve grouped the tracks in 5 groups of 2, creating pairs that focused on the psychological state of the human being in different moments of his life, from situations that vary from tenderness to rage, passing through deception and loneliness.

Although the band is Spanish the lyrics are all sung in English, with French parts in track #4, which shows an urge to succeed abroad. And i do believe they can go far, not only because of their musical quality, both interpretation and composition, but also because they can sum different Metal sub-genres without losing their identity. That’s an added value to capture fans from different styles.

In vocal terms we have a clean (and beautiful) voice of Laura Comesaña and a guttural one from Xan Bellón; nothing new here, being in terms of using two distinct voices in gender and/or timbre. But if there are bands where their music ends on sounding just like others, this one achieves a new dimension mainly because of the story they tell. Laura’s voice is well balanced, doesn’t have the vocal projection of Simmone neither the strength of Floor but has in it the beauty needed to give soul to the song; Xan’s voice fits in hers quite well, expressing the idea of duality focused on the lyrics.

More than a recommended release or even one of mandatory listening, this is a conceptual album that should be listened carefully and more than once, in order to capture all his intensity. Below there’s the link for Spotify, use it without discretion. \m/

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