Nekralai - Kliudžiau

Almost every day I receive in my email new sonorities, either in the form of new bands, new releases or new crossovers; these lines refer to the last one.

It all started back in 2009 in Seredzius (Lithuania) where two guys decided to give it a go and play some music, apart working and drinking of course. Everybody knows the first thing to do is to find a catchy name for the band; they chose NekKralai, which means something like non-castrated rabbits!... ok, maybe not the most ingenious thinking but hey, it contains that idea of necro… sort of. But that’s just details so they focused on their sound, which turned out to be another headache. For years they practiced and rehearsed in a cellar trying to find a path; eventually all that anger and probably some despair made them opt for Black Metal well combined with the punkish DIY attitude. Still things weren’t all that well, with several line-up changes and even location creating some convulsion until the two founding members, Simonas Jankauskas and Gytis Simkevicius, met with Simonas Krasauskas and included him in the open place for drummer.

Finally stability reigned and the three became very active creating new stuff with resulted in the self-financed EP “Kliudžiau” (Strikes). I must admit it was the first time I’ve heard these two genres combined and I must confess I enjoyed very much. Nothing too fancy, just straight Rock tunes with that Black aura and clean hoarse voice, capable of delivering the right amount of groove to keep it levered, not pending too much for either side. Putting it simple, good shit!

These guys may not the best but they surely deserve some credit. And for just 2€ you can get 5 tracks that will make your parties wilder. Just go to and see it for yourselves.

Kliudžiau Tracklist:

1. Intro
2. Ugnim (By fire)
3. Juodi pankai (Black punks)
4. Žmogus butelis (Human-bottle or bottle-man)
5. Varnas (Raven)
6. Kliudžiau (I hit her)
7. W.A.R.

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