NightMyHeaven - Across The Dark Side

A versão em Português deste trabalho foi escrita em exclusivo para a revista Ultraje. Podem lê-lo na íntegra aqui.


NightMyHeaven, a band from Guimarães, will release their newest work on April 15th named “Across The Dark Side”. Six years passed since their debut “Nightology” they’re back and the differences are obvious.

As soon as we start listening to the new songs we notice more carefulness regarding masterization; we sense more balance in the instruments/voice, making all more noticeable and less confuse. The band now strives in just one voice (roars), leaving the use of the clean one. Another major difference concerns the weight of the compositions due to a more use of the guitars and the bass making the result more intense, “rejecting” the synthesizer to the background thus maintaining the symphonic approach yet tossing the band’s sound to darker spheres. Regarding the black metal they play it does not confine to one “style”, yet it congregates elements from ambiance, symphonic and traditional sub-genres.

This is one of those cases where the bands learn from their mistakes. They made good use of this time between albums to improve in a musical level, showing musical and maturity and as individuals. The options taken in terms of style and instrumentalization need no analysis, concern only to band members; as far as I’m concerned they were well chosen.


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