Pet The Preachers - “The Cave and The Sunlight”

This was one of those bands I have stumbled upon. While I was peeking at Napalm Records’ page some time ago I saw a reference to the Danish band Pet The Preachers and their second album, who’s to be released on April 25th, “The Cave and The Sunlight”. Back then the music I listened to was “Let Your Dragon Fly”. And I literally got hooked to those riffs! Heard once and again and again… since then I stood anxiously waiting for Napalm to release the album for promoters, which occurred recently.

I sincerely don’t know what pleases me more in this trio’s sound. Basically we have stoner rock sonority, that vintage guitar that so quickly unleashes a blues rhythm and suddenly drags us to a doom compass (as we can listen in track 9, “What Now”) or even the voice of Christian Hede Madsen, in my opinion a kind of crossover between Rob Zombie and Zac Wylder, or the drums that, without being an example of stunning technique are catchy enough to grabs us. I think that what defines the band are not the elements per se but instead the well balanced global of the band, which makes them shine through.

I have been listening to some good rock albums lately, like Black Stone Cherry, Cock Rockin’ or The Graviators but so far, for me, this is the album of the year in the genre.

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