Projekt Nöir - Ský

Idealized by Mário Rodrigues (guitarist of Portuguese Black/Death metal band Karbonsoul), Projekt Nöir began taking form in late 2014. Since I got in touch with it (as soon as he started taking form) I must say I got passionate to it. Back then there was only music, which I assumed it would be something more like Post Black/Ambient but with the addiction of the voices it surpassed it, giving the compositions an epic aspect. The option of using Icelandic in the lyrics was well chosen, maintaining that black aura typical of northern bands, here well interpreted by Jóhann Örn (Dynfari).

The four tracks were written with swiftness; eager was he to create sonorities that could take the listener to dark realms and forsaken landscapes. That urge when misguided sometimes leads to less quality in the final result but this proves otherwise.

Acclaimed by his pears and public now is the time to unleash these icy strophes and take us all in a journey beyond our imagination. So just head on to and embark; the physical copies will soon be available, limited to only 100 copies, distributed by

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