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6th edition of Vagos Open Air (VOA), 4th I attend and 3rd year covering the event… have seen some good bands in past editions, others not that good but in the end the feeling is always the same: a hell of a good time spent with friends, eating and drinking while listening to good music! But let’s get down to business and start talking about what really matters: the bands.

VOA Day One, August 8th

First band opening the event was Gates of Hell. I must confess I wasn’t there due to work related schedules but that doesn’t mean I won’t talk about them. Others were there and filled me up as I arrived. Great performance with lots of energy drove the crowd into a series of circle pits, happy as they were at the sound of deathcore. Saw the band once so I truly believe how great it was. Side fact: there were lots of people there for the opening band. It was most certainly the highest number of people in all six editions. Awesome!

2nd band on stage: Kandia. As the previous one I wasn’t already there, this time regarding a complication with my credentials. For the first time I wasn’t allowed to access the photos pit to take photos due to a misunderstanding with the promoter. Although I’m just an amateur in photography that’s one of the things that pleases me most at a concert… so no shots this time but I’ll have some to show you (as you can see), thanks to my friend Helena Granjo who kindly send me some to use here. Now back to the band; only saw the last 2 songs and frankly I was a little disappointed. Can’t say it was a bad performance, no, just was expecting more, I guess. Was it just me or someone else noticed the band was kind of “uncomfortable”? Well, hope to see them again so I can take better conclusions.

Next one (1st international) British band Sylosis. Finally managed to see them after they cancelled the gig at Hard Club (with Devin Townsed and Fear Factory). And quite a show they gave us; with a set list covering all 3 albums, playing songs like “The Blackest Skyline” or “All is Not Well”, easily contaminated the crowd with thrash essence receiving well deserved circle pits in return. Josh (Middleton, guitar/vocals) even had time to joke with Rob (Callard, drummer), stating he was leaving the band to start a solo project as a singer, covering Mariah Carey’s songs. They also made the crowd headbang at the sound… of silence; unbelievable.

As some rain drops started falling from the sky so did Soilwork started entertaining the crowd. And by entertainment I mean good Swedish melodeath. Was curious to see them live; first time for me and their music style is one that I’m most fond of. Even with some (few) leaving the area for dinning or just to keep safe from the (barely) rain the band gave a great show with a set list that could be confined to two of their releases: “The Sledgehammer Files” and “The Living Infinite”.

Time for the 2nd headliner of the day/night: Dutch symphonic metal band Epica. It’s always a pleasure for me to see them with this being my 3rd concert. After the first couple of songs (were the sound was somewhat muffled) we could finally ear the Simone’s voice perfectly. Here and there with a faulty tune (maybe she wasn’t at 100%, she didn’t appeared very joyful that night); apart from that the band gave a great concert and said they would return late this year with the tour for “The Quantum Enigma”. The show was visually very beautiful and well coordinated between all members. The set list was mainly focused on “The Quantum Enigma” and “Design Your Universe” but also included tracks from “Requiem for the Indifferent” and “The Divine Conspiracy”.

Finally, time for the thrash lords Kreator! These guys really know how to throw the crowd deep into hell, rumbling and screaming while wrapped in constant circle pits and walls of death. With a career almost reaching 3 decades and lots of albums, they still manage to assemble a set list full of hatred and mayhem, combining classics like “Pleasure to Kill” with newer ones as “Enemy of God”, all accompanied by some fire/smoke and confetti. During the all concert Mille Petrozza was constantly thanking what he called “Portuguese circle pit”, the warmth and the welcoming the band always feels when visiting Portugal. Although only 2 years have passed since their latest appearance here, it seemed too long for them (and us).

Videos: Sylosis: All Is Not Well | The Blackest Skyline - Soilwork: Spectrum of Eternity | Song2 - Epica: Victims of Contingency | Chemical Insomnia | Unchain Utopia - Kreator: From Flood Into Fire | People of the Lie + Dead to the World | Enemy of God + Phobia

VOA Day Two, August 9th

Again I must apologize to the band, RequiemLaus, for not being able to get there on time to see the whole concert. Still manage to record a video, though; won’t be saying much about the show because I got some mixed feedback from the audience. Some liked others not so much (also because of the sound, technical issues again). Apart from that is always good to see a Portuguese band with such a long career (even if not that prolific) among great names on the scene. A just prize for their perseverance in the underground scene...

First Spanish band acting started with a blast, “Violent Dawn”. Angelus Apatrida can’t be considered a top band, the kind of bands that excels among their partners; but they are a great band for parties and festivals! Saw them once at Hard Club so I knew what to expect: constant circle pits, wall of death and furious speed/thrash metal capable of making everyone have a hell of a good time. That’s what they did. First explosion of happiness among the crowd.

One of the most energetic shows was given by Swedish melodeath band The Haunted. That was easily noticed mainly because of the tremendous dust cloud created by the constant circle pits. The crowd as furious and ravaging (in a good way) probably because of what Marco Aro did; since the beginning we was repeatedly bashing his forehead with the microphone and only stopped until he saw blood coming out of it. With intense passion and groove the band gave one of the best shows so far.

Behemoth are one of those bands there are only for fans of black metal, the others just enjoy the show peacefully. But even they can’t deny the spectacle the band put on stage. All painted in black with horny masks and hoods, flaming torch lights and with “Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel” for opening song the stage was set to deliver flaming darts of blasphemy into the crowd, imbuing them with a darkness soul that made them create an enormous circle pit, probably making this one of the best concerts in all 3 days.

Now time to talk about the best concert on the night (at least for me), brought by Annihilator. Thrash old school played by one of the best guitarist in the world, Jeff Waters, who also showed great skills in entertainment and comedy. Old school display of elements with all those amps staring at us, fantastic performers on stage and a crowd enjoying every bit of bit, now that’s true f****g metal! They played classics like “Alison Hell” or “W.T.Y.D” and newer ones from “Feast”, not forgetting “King of the Kill” and “Never Neverland”; also a time for fun with the song “Chicken and Corn”. That was fun that was metal, that what feast and joy… that is the true spirit \m/

Last band acting were the Swedish Opeth. Not that I didn’t like yet was expecting more; somewhat confusing set list with the songs not properly arranged, Mike Akerfeldt was too much of a talker, creating enormous gaps between songs with led to a general uneasiness of the crowd. Probably if they had played prior to Annihilator it would somehow minimize the damage… and not even one single encore. Not the best way to end the night; if it weren’t the DJs cheering up the crowd when the concerts finished they wouldn’t go to bed very pleased that night…

Videos: Requiem Laus: Song1 - Angelus Apatrida: Of Men and Tyrants | Give'em War - The Haunted: Undead | Eye of the Storm - Behemoth: Ov Fire and the Void | Chant for Eschaton 2000 - Annihilator: King of the Kill | Deadlock | Allison Hell + W.T.Y.D. | Chiken and Corn + Braindance - Opeth: Heir Apparent | Hope Leaves

VOA Day Three, August 10th

This final day had a last minute band added to the line-up, the symphonic metal band Opus Diabolicum. For those who never heard of them they’re a trio of cellos that pays tribute to another Portuguese band, Moonspell. Great performance for a quite generous crowd; even when many where preparing things to leave, packing their stuff many where there listening, clapping and even singing the songs with the band. I can say it was the most patriot moment of the festival and they deserved it.

Based in Algarve, which is known by their sunny weather, Murk plays what they call alternative death metal (kind of technical death with a twitch of progressive). With only one year but with members known in the underground scene for quite some time gave a “regular” show, with nothing to be noted. Let’s give them time to show themselves and prove their value. Good performance.

The Quartet of Whoa was the last national band on stage. Must confess I was a little surprised for seeing them on the line-up, mainly because they’re an alternative rock band. Man was I wrong… one of the best performances of all 3 days! With a vintage rock sound resembling Black Sabbath and a psychedelic/progressive twist in the line of Deep Purple, all served with an inebriating energy totally captured the heart of the crowd.

Another Spanish band, Vita Imana, this one playing Thrash with a groove, a “Pantera like” band with an extremely energetic Javier Cardoso always jumping and moving around. Apart from the drums the band uses a well placed percussion which gives a tribal touch to their sound, making it more lively and aggressive. With all that energy emanating from the stage no way the crowd could stand still; continuous circle pits and party mood during all set. Brilliant performance, great band, one of the best shows and if there was one, candidate for a prize.

Now one of the most expected bands, British Paradise Lost. You’ll never know what to expect from them, either it will be a bad experience, a normal concert or something memorable. Fortunately was something between the last two. Nick Holmes was quite affable and amused, here and there with a funny appointment. The set list covered several albums with tracks like “Tragic Idol”, “As I Die”, “Faith Divides Us – Dead Unites Us” and “Gothic”, maintaining the rhythm in a rock/gothic tune, very well chosen and in fact quite appropriate to the rainy day. Certainly one of the best concerts in all 3 days.

Finally, closing the day and the festival were the French Gojira. Eighteen years since they’re appearance and finally they’re first show in Portugal (and hopefully not the last). Without a doubt the mostly anticipated act of the entire festival (by the crown and also by the band, also because Duplantier brothers descend from Portuguese) and they didn’t do it for less. Tremendous entry with “Explosia” followed by “The Axe”, the crowd was frenzied even though it started to rain, constants circles pits and crowd surfing, more great songs including “Flying Whales” and “Oroborus”, an encore with a drum solo… all of this my friends, and much more, made it a concert to remember. We thank you Gojira for the incredible metal night.

Videos: Opus Diabolicum: Scorpion Flower | Alma Mater - Murk: Footprint of God - The Quartet of Whoa: Balance | U Turn - Vita Imana: Gondwana | Song2 - Paradise Lost: Remembrance | Erased | As I Die | One Second - Gojira: Backbone | Wisdom Comes | Oroborus

All is well when it ends well but that doesn’t mean there aren’t certain aspects that need to be changed by the organization. The festival is growing more each year; saw some good changes regarding infrastructures for the bands, the stage seemed better that the one last year… but don’t neglect the common people, they’re the ones paying all of that. They need better places for camping, much more WCs than the ones provided, more bathing zones. The festival must rise as an all, well balanced.

I would like to thank the organization, RocknRadio, Som do Rock for their support and Helena Granjo for the photos. VOA ’15, we’ll meet you there.

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