Shrap - We shall Arise

Recently I’ve been asked to listen to Shrap’s newest EP, “We Shall Arise”. For those of you who never heard about them, they’re a Neo-Thrash Metal band from Kolkata, India. Active since 2011 under the name ANTIMSANSKAR, the band has passed through several line-up changes from whom only the founder (Saptak-vocals) remained. They have experienced through local and abroad contests (winners in some), shows and guest appearances.

About this release (2nd in band's discography), musically the band is on the right track; this 4 tracks show different sides: paced aggressive guitars, fast-paced Death/Thrash aggressiveness, up-tempo groove parts and furious lyrics; the drums play their part in a simple but effective way.

Lyrically, has I’ve said they are full of anger and aggressiveness. Nevertheless, in my opinion the band should work more this chapter, avoiding simple lyrics and creating more elaborate ones as a way to diverge from common names and work on creating their space.

The vocals aren’t the best I’ve heard… they’re not bad but the band should work on this chapter and try to bring more melody into the music.

In general, I say the band has some potential to evolve. May not be easy in a country like India but they have good examples to follow, like i.e. Kryptos. To help them on their quest they count with American Power Back Productions, for whom they signed recently.

Below the link for you to listen to the full EP and the video for "No Hope No Mercy".


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