But We Try It - A Twisted Sanctuary (Remedy Records)

Sometimes bands contact me to promote their music, concerts, or just to listen to a track or two and leave my opinion. Can’t say I like them all but fortunately the majority is quite good. And that’s why I’m writing these lines because someone left something for me at my door step (figural speaking, of course).

I’m talking about the music “A Loss of Hope” from German Death Metal band But We Try It (BWTI), taken from “A Twisted Sanctuary”. The first elements that caught my attention were the furious drums and the guitars, with a twitch of progressive; the voice of Jörn is quite good, too. Second one I’ve listened to was “Iron Reign”. I must say it kept my attention high, so afterwards I jumped to band’s Bandcamp to listen to the full album.

Nowadays we can see a lot of bands playing Death Metal, old school or with modern elements, more or less melodically, so it’s not easy for a band to excel among others. Many only “like” the most renowned; others stick to this or that musician… I try to be more honest; I like heavy music, plain and simple! It doesn’t matter the sub-gender (although of course I have preferences) I enjoy music.

And now returning to BWTI, that’s exactly what they’re doing. I’m listening to the whole album while writing and I can’t say I’m tired of it; I’m enjoying and will definitely listen to it more times. The melodical elements, the progressive parts, the thrashy power and even the occasional electro elements all combined give them a unique sound, that groove that sometimes is more than enough to make the difference.

So all I can say to you all who are reading this is: go to Bandcamp’s band page and buy the album “A Twisted Sanctuary”. Really, it won’t disappoint you.

Band Webpage: http://www.butwetryit.de/

“A Twisted Sanctuary” tracklist:

1. Iron Reign
2. Through The Peril
3. Lose Control
4. Pretender To Your Throne
5. Promises
6. The Remedy
7. A Loss Of Hope
8. Detachment
9. Contemporary Delusions
10. A Twisted Sanctuary

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