Sorrows Path - "Doom Philosophy" track-by-track

Sorrows Path’s second album, “Doom Philosophy”, is almost out now. As promised, my friend Kostas Salomidis send it to me so I could give my opinion about it. Well, here goes….

It all starts with a “First Beam of Darkness Into Light”, short intro with a simple phrase: “On that morbid day I was defeated / And my whole life changed forever”, spoken by Barbara Michaloutsou, kind of giving a glimpse of what comes next, “Tragedy”. This passage somehow reflects on the positive things we can obtain of a downfall experience by being able to arise again. There's a phrase in the lyrics, “I die alone, my power is so huge / Give me more pain to heal my deeper wounds” that in a way shows how someone wise can attain to knowledge despite the harsh of life; this song as the collaboration of Edgar Rivera (ex guitarist of Solitude Aeturnus) on the guitar solo. The voyage continues with “The Dance with the Dead”, one of my favorites. Lyrically it could be interpreted as a punishment for our sins, as in the line “Death is not the biggest curse as I see now”; a doomed vision for those who crave for a life of luxury and sin thinking that peace and atonement will come in their death. Love the strong paced guitar in the beginning and the mid-paced refrain, like a mock. In this song (and another one later on) we can listen to the voice of Katerina Nikoloudi (Greek classical singer). Track 4# “Brother of Life” it seems to tell the sad story of a man fighting for his life after a tragic incident (in the first part of the song); the second part appears to be the acceptance of the man's destiny and that he may live eternally in peace. The next song “Everything Can Change” states exactly that: that as life itself nothing and no one is eternal, everyone born, lives and dies. And no matter how powerful we were in life, at our time of death we are equally meaningless. This song had the contribution of Snowy Shaw (Rob Zombie, Therion) in the vocals. The next song “The King with a Crown of Thorns” immediately transports us to the story of Christ, not only because of the song title but also for the lyrics. I do believe that it's just a metaphor for someone that had a life of pain and despair, as an outcast of society, how sees himself noticed and recognized upon his death. For this song the band had the contribution of Vangelis Yalamas (Fragile Vastness and producer of Doom Philosophy), who played the classic guitar solo. Track 7# “The Venus and the Moon (The Venom and the Lies)” presents us with two entities: Venus and the Moon. I believe they're a way to personify what society offers us that compels us to be all equal, like copies; later in the song it is shown that that same persuasive attitude is what makes us open our eyes and minds and be free. “Epoasis” means something like “incubation”, compelling us to think about birth or, in this case, rebirth. Again we have here an entity, called “It”; it seems to me to be an evil thing that leads us to doom and destruction, making us hateful and greedy, poisoning our mind and soul. That’s the reason for rebirth, to leave that way of life and “start over” with a wiser mind. “Clouds Inside Me”, another of my favorites, talks about things we are told that we believe to be the best for us. But time eventually will make us see how wrong we were when choosing that path; painfully there will be no turning back so we’ll be knowingly stuck for the rest of our existence. Track 10#, “Darkness”, uses the figure of the Mistress to reflect mankind. Like her, Man experiences pain and suffering as a way to achieve wealth and power; but when it gets to the point where He wants to leave it all behind he can’t, so rooted he is in that way of life. Like the previous track it shows the “point of no return” for mankind. In this track we can hear the voice of Barbara Michaloutsou...

All of these songs focus on mankind and their ways of life but more important in darker feelings as an all or individual, that leads us to the album title, “Doom Philosophy”. I think there couldn’t be a more appropriate title for it. Musically the band plays really good Doom with lower and paced tunes. I think in this one they used a more progressive approach, combined with some elements “fetched” in the vastitude of the Metal kingdom. Of course we cannot forget the collaboration of the guest musicians who gave their personal touch to the songs they're in.  Honestly, one of the best Doom albums of the year...

Music is art, therefore in can be interpreted in many ways. This is what I’ve sensed while listening to the album. Now go grab yours and feel it your way..


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