Sunstorm - Edge Of Tomorrow

A versão em Português deste trabalho foi escrita em exclusivo para a revista Ultraje. Podem lê-lo na íntegra aqui.


“Edge of Tomorrow”, forth work from Joe Lynn Turner’s project Sunstorm is about to be released; next 13th fans of melodic rock will be able to listen 11 new tracks from this legend.

This project saw this debut in 2006 with an homonymous album which occurred from an exchange of ideas between Joe and Serafino Perugino, President of the Italian label Frontiers Music srl. The objective was to create some sort of collection of Joe’s unedited themes from late 80’s and early 90’s. Needless to say the success it’s been having, I’ll obviously focus on “Edge of Tomorrow”.

Before all we must understand that this work is prepared right after the release of Rated X, whose sonority his slightly heavier. That was Joe’s will to this new work, to maintain the melodic essence but adding some more weight. Is was with that thought that he headed to Alessandro Del Vecchio (Hardline, Edge of Forever) to help him create new songs that could meet his desire. To point out that besides them also Simone Mularoni (DGM), Sören Kronqvist and Daniel Palmqvist took part in the composition.

The album starts with a song much his own style, with an orchestration that perspires revivalism without sounding outdated and where Joe shows all his vocal power. In fact, if we look at this gentleman's age we become even more dazzled with his voice. The album unwinds naturally at the sound of Joe’s characteristic melodic rock until track #4, “Heart Of The Storms”, the first moment where we can feel the weight he decided to imprint in this work, taking the song to a power metal shape. Track #7 “You Hold Me Down” is another one that elevates musical standards to a more “metal” approach; track #9 “Everything You'Ve Got” has one of the best riffs of the entire album and track #8 “Angel Eyes” is clearly the most romantic.

Joe Lynn Turner is a musician used to be on the spotlight and to be associated to excellence jobs. This is one more in his enviable career; an album that shows a new path to his project but still maintains his initial essence. It shows how original works can be made with revivalists sonorities but arranged in a way to please newer fans. Without fillers, this is one of those albums in which every music is a radio hit single.


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