Svoid - Storming Voices Of Inner Devotionment

A versão em Português deste trabalho foi escrita em exclusivo para a revista Ultraje. Podem lê-lo na íntegra aqui.


My friend Markus is one of the people I work with to spread some of the best things made throughout Europe concerning Underground music. The last work he sent me to review was “Storming Voices Of Inner Devotionment” from Hungarian Svoid. As I’ve been getting some good news lately from that country I’ve decided to to listen to it right away, even if I’ve never heard of them before…

The first tendency is to place a band in a certain musical style so the readers can have a first glimpse of their sound. Well, in this case the main influence is certainly black however, errs on the side of meagreness; due to Svoid’s music being so tentacular and diverse that simple definition becomes the strangler of their creativity. Detailing some more, black is present in its most simple essence: from the raw sound of the guitars, the lyrics and the atmosphere in the majority of the tracks (without forgetting drums’ blast beats here and there) we can sense a dark aura very well paced with a gothic tune resembling 1980’s decade. We also notice a strong progressive presence along the album which gives a more coloured ambience to all compositions. It’s this dichotomy dark/bright, harmony/chaos, construction/deconstruction that creates Svoid’s unique sound.

Listening to some older songs gives us the notion of the band’s evolution in terms of composition. The songs mold themselves between albuns yet they never lose identity. “Storming Voices Of Inner Devotionment” shows how we can pick an extreme gender and turn it into something rich and beautiful with the right dose of creativity, without losing its essence. This becomes an album of mandatory listening to all of those who enjoy atmospheric music with body and soul.


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