Web - Everything Ends

Aging isn’t always a bad sign, sometimes it represents maturation and development. It also has the capability of changing the way we see what surrounds us, shaping thoughts and feelings. “Everything Ends”, Web’s newest album, proves all that.

Only four years passed since “Deviance” but there is a huge gap between them. It sounds Web, no doubt about it, but we can sense a more refined work and attention to details. Of course we cannot forget the work of André Matos as a producer in Raising Legends Records Studios. And now a more inside approach…

One of the things i appreciate are the lyrics; i bet they didn’t had much trouble finding inspiration, lyrics verse on everyday subjects so they just needed to turn on the TV. “God Of Nothing” focus on religion oppression, “False Prophets” tells us how Governments use religion and her dogmas as a burden to Society; “Everything Ends” talks about changes but above all, the album talks about people and their choices.

Web is basically Thrash but not only, we can see in their songs the inclusion of Doom, Progressive and some approach to Death tunes. “Everything Ends” shows as that; starting with a Doom tune in “Vendetta” gradually changing the rhythm until we get to straight Thrash in “Taking The World” before we gradually “calm” down a bit until we listen those down tempo guitars in “Death My Enemy” (with guest vocals from Nuno Lima, vocal for Portuguese Death Metal band Dementia 13). For me, tracks 7 and 8 sum it all up, showing high quality in arrangement; first part is pure Heavy Prog with the correspondent guitar solo, well accompanied by the drums and opening ways to some old school Thrash on the second part. This all leads to a Thrash Groove “Leaving Scars” with another guest, Miguel Inglês, vocal for Portuguese Thrash/Groove band Equaleft, all ending with a Dark Metal tune in “New Beginning”.

Even if it’s not a conceptual album, if we look to the track list we can see an idea of a circle; that with the subject of the lyrics made me think of a constants rebirth: we are born, build ourselves accordingly to what surrounds us, make choices and live by them, over and over again. Also because of that i don’t see any fillers here, all the tracks are arranged in a symbiotic way, with the tunes well chosen for the lyrics and the speed constantly drifting, like we.

“Everything Ends” track list:

01. Vendetta
02. False Prophets
03. God Of Nothing
04. Taking The World
05. All Turns To Dust
06. Death My Enemy
07. Everything Ends - Part I
08. Everything Ends - Part II
09. Leaving Scars
10. New Beginning

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