Will The Thrill - Sorry To Disappoint Ya

It’s always good to listen to some Hard Rock/Metal. I mean, I’m from the mid 70’s so I grew up with bands like Def Leppard, Status Quo, Whitesnake, Iron Maiden, AC/DC, ZZ Top… and all of this “oldies” are still in the active. As everything else, music evolved and transformed itself giving birth to multiple sub-genres (more or less heavier) like Death, Black, Glam, Thrash, etc. But the main essence of it all is undeniable: pure ol’ Rock n’ Roll (which itself derived from the Blues)! But I’m not here to start a debate or even to talk about the roots of Heavy music; I’m here to write a few lines about Will The Thrill.

Continuing the idea expressed on the first line, apart some bands that follow the steps of the classics the best way to listen to that sound still rely on my CD collection. Fortunately, sometimes a band comes along and presents us with a sound capable of evoking past memories even though they're still too young to be part of that generation. The trio in question comes from St. Louis, Missouri, and although young in age they really caught the essence of the 80’s Rock/Metal bands.

One of the things I enjoyed the most is the fact that they didn’t focus on one particular style; instead this album is a type of “best of”. They could easily pick one style and follow that road but no, along the thirteen tracks we can listen to Southern Rock, Blues, Rock, Glam, Punk and even the ballad is present. By choosing this path they have created their own identity; they could simply made a “collage” from other bands, as an alternative the band deliver old tunes with a sense of freshness in it by mixing it with a more energy, newer heavy sound. The songs vary from the catchy ones to more elaborate, killer riffs and blasting drums and a voice that is melodically strong, not diverging too much from the classics.

Also, another fact I haven’t mentioned before is that the album is self-released. Nothing new here but I get a lot of these to listen and not too many achieve this quality in production and arrangement.

I got the entire album digitally for reviewing but this is one of those I wouldn’t mind getting a physical copy so I could include it in my collection and later on put it on my stereo, when in the need of some classic tunes…

Sorry To Disappoint Ya Tracklist:

01. I Don't Answer To You
02. She's An Animal
03. Better Off Dead
04. Little Miss Treater
05. In Your Wildest Dreams
06. Someday
07. Say Goodbye
08. This Feeling
09. Now It's Broken
10. Your Worst Nightmare
11. Thirst For Your Blood
12. Sociopath
13. Sorry To Disappoint Ya

Lineup: Will "The Thrill" Aguilar - Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals | Mojoe Murphy - Bass, Backing Vocals | Tony Pepper - Drums, Backing Vocals, Keys

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