Frost Legion - Death of Mankind

Since 2008 the Devil has been lurking around in Bobadela to see if it was fit for the spawn of four new minions of darkness. When He saw it was time for them to conquer, “Death of Mankind” was unleashed. Sadistik Desekrator, NecroDeathMortum, War Faust and Tormentor are the four hell riders sent to lead mankind to a pit of pungent hell flames at ravaging speed.

Spitting furious black metal all around, Sadistik Desekrator starts a rampage of blasphemy growling sided by NecroDeathMortum conducting the strings of destruction with technical precision. Following we find War Faust and his chains of pain; although heavy and somewhat hard to manage at full speed he proves otherwise with swiftness and agility, never falling behind. Finally, what’s an army without its war drums? Changing from thunderous blast beats to more compassed tunes Tormentor leads the speed of hellish assault.

These new minions may not be the most devilish ones or even the best of their kin but they surely have technique and quality. They proved their quality with mastery so that the Horned One had to take them to higher purposes, putting Catharsis, Void and Sepulcral in the places of Sadistik Desekrator and War Faust. Mankind beware, it’s not easy to escape them! Brace yourselves and prepare for the destructive impact of hell flames. Best way to do it it’s to intensely prepare your ears for “Death of Mankind”; for your sake go to and prove yourself worthy of being spared to eternal damnation.

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