Mass Disorder - The Way To Our End

Today I’m here to talk about one of the most recent Portuguese underground bands, Mass Disorder. Formed in Almada in 2013 with experienced members from other bands they focus in a more aggressive sound and strong lyrics that reflect social and mankind related problems.

With death/thrash sonority they’ve made first appearance live at a local festival, Hell In Sintra 2013; a year later the debut EP “The Way To Our End” is out, being the release single the homonymous track “The Way To Our End” that focuses on climate changes and how Man is contributing to his own end.

The other 4 tracks reflect social aspects as well: “Powerdrill” it’s about the personification of hate; “Dead Man Walking” focus on our own destiny, as something certain and unchangeable; “Kingdom of Submission” talks about religion and the “muffle” caused by it against scientific knowledge; “Human Trash” is a sort of intervention music, that reflects on the oppression of the people by the politicians.

So with this piece of info I believe all of you reading this can have an idea of what type of band I’m talking about. This been said, I guess it’s time for me to leave my own impression of their music.

Apparently nowadays is quite common for new bands to choose a death/thrash/hardcore line to write new songs, not only in Portugal but in several other countries. Nothing against it, just think that the market may get overfilled with one genre. Also, it makes it harder for newcomers to emerge, making it difficult to create characteristics that are capable of surpassing. Even the message in the lyrics is quite common, probably due to a more “punkish” generation, a rebel generation DIY. All of this doesn’t mean the band isn’t worth listening; only that it doesn’t have that something that can make us say: “Wow!”.

I do like the melodies, well structured and balanced accordingly to the lyrics. Also like Bruno’s (Evangelista) voice, more into growling and not screaming, which I prefer best. For a band with only a year or so existing and with this quality EP out, I frankly believe they can go further. Haven’t seen them live but if it matches the EP quality it will surely favor them. Let’s see what the future will bring for these guys; in my opinion they definitely need a closer look, so just choose a link below and get your hearphones on! Favorite song: “Human Trash”.

Palco Principal:
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  1. Belas e sábias palavras!
    Crítica justíssima, imparcial e inspiradora!
    Parabéns aos Mass Disorder pelo seu belo trabalho e obrigada Davi pelas palavras!

    1. Eu é que agradeço Paula, por acreditares e seguires o meu trabalho :)